Customer Reviews

"We love this book I recently bought the book for our new helper,  she has been preparing some of the recipes for the family! It’s great as she is very new to cooking so she can read it in her own language. I highly recommend this book and it also makes a great gift for helpers if they are really into cooking"  Catriona 

"Amazing book! So many delicious AND healthy recipes!! Love how versatile it is! Really recommend it!"       Malene

"It’s time we have a high quality cook book from HK!! I have just bought my copy and am eager to try out the recipes, starting with my fav hummus."  Sarah

"This book has made a real change in my house! I’m a total micromanager in the kitchen so do most of the cooking as I don’t have the patience to break down recipes. This book does that so it’s helped me to let go and given my helper the confidence to try new things. She loves it! Especially the soups. Really recommend!"    Mascha

"This is a really brilliant book, from idea to execution. It’s got inspiring yet achievable recipes which work well for family dining and for entertaining. Some of the recipes are already staples in our house, and there are loads of things I want to try. It’s been a great purchase for this family. It helps that it’s also beautiful!"  Vanessa

"Found the book on Instagram and would highly recommend it to any mum in HK - not only to helpers! Being German, I used to cook a lot using the Thermomix, but since I started my own fashion brand a few months ago, I have to delegate cooking to my helper..."   Lisa

"This book is awesome..simple and quick recipes ‪🙂and also lots of vegetarian options."  Rakhee