Your Outsourced Kitchen

Outsourcing Your Kitchen has never been this healthy, delicious, and good for you

You've Got It Made

Your Outsourced Kitchen was written to make cooking amazing healthy food at home a much simpler process for both you and your helper. Over 80 good for you and delicious recipes appear in English and Tagalog and have been tried and tested for taste and ease of preparation. 

Some of these recipes have even been contributed by leading HK chefs including Grass Roots Pantry, Bombay Dreams, Jinjuu, Genie Juicery, Love True Food, The Flexible Chef, Elle Kealy and more!


Good For You and Delicious Recipes

Grassroots Pantry Kelp Noodle Salad

The Amazing Chef Peggy Chan of Grassroots Pantry contributed this amazing salad to the collection of recipes. Fresh spiralized veggies on a bed of kelp noodles with an almond soy flavoured dressing.

Lamb Kofta with Green Tahini Sauce

Seasoned with ginger, fresh herbs and many spices, this kofta is gently pan grilled and served with a fragrant green tahini sauce and pomegranates.

Zucchini Fennel Soup

Subtly flavoured and seriously delicious this low cal super healthy soup is made with fennel, zucchini, and organic vegetarian soup stock. Garnished with fresh herbs or pine nuts.

Baked Falafel Bites

These delicious falafel balls are  served with a light Tahini sauce and are bursting with flavour.  Not only they are simple to make but are baked and not fried. Enjoy!

Sole with Grilled Pineapple and Mint

Pan fried sole or barramundi served with grilled fresh pineapple and mint coriander chutney. Simple to make, exciting to taste and good for the waistline. 

Orange Fennel Salad

Thinly sliced fennel with orange and dill makes a great combo when dressed with a citrus vinaigrette. Delicious as a side salad or you can eat it on its own and savour the flavours!

Chocolate Coconut Crisps

Made with dark chocolate, oats, toasted coconut, nut butter and other bits and pieces, these crisps are seriously addictive.

Grilled Amaretto Fruit

Grilled Peaches and Figs topped with a smooth and elegant amaretto sauce. 

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

These delicious and good for you oatmeal cookies are made with oats, brown rice syrup, coconut oil and dark chocolate. The kids all love these. Enjoy!

Oregano Caper Fish

Fresh Fish with a fragrant and tasty topping of grilled tomatoes, capers and fresh oregano leaves with freshly squeezed lemons. 

Apricot Curry Salmon

Apricot Curry Orange Sauce drizzled over a deliciously spiced paprika, coriander and lemony salmon. 

Mexican Quinoa Salad

Enjoy this healthy and simple quinoa salad full of fresh vegetables and exotic spices and herbs.